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more inclusive Schools

The pedagogical activities should fit all learners’ situations wherever they come from.

experimentation AS heart of pedagogy

Learn math and sciences as scientists do : fail, retry and succeed till understanding and learn underlying concepts.

to Improve the level
of all students

The PISA and TIMSS rankings show disparities in the skills acquired by students. Our challenge is to improve all students level in those skills.

data safety

All of our infrastructures and data are hosted in France and are subject to French (CNIL) and European (RGPD) regulations.

KDetude develops educational solutions that adapt to all and have a strong social impact.

Digital technology is a means of improving the quality of education while responding to the massification and democratization of training. But this is not enough to reduce the educational disparities.

KDetude wants to take up this challenge.

Our solutions
for learners.schools.teachers.

We advise schools and universities in their digital transformation and develop the right digital solutions.

We offer solutions for students in all levels: learning tools and educational resources built on inductive and interactive pedagogical approaches.

We offer software to teachers, designers, instructional designers, allowing them to build educational scenarios and interactive educational activities.