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Alongside its platform for teachers and trainers,
KDetude has developed an application for students’ mathematical practice:

Primary Maths – Eleda

For its first application, KDetude chose to target 1st grade to 5th grade students.

Primary Maths’ goal is to develop and consolidate the mathematical automatisms of first-degree students.

This application offers a selection of activities created by our experts team thanks to the editor Eleda. All activities are grouped into topics (Additions, Counting…). Each topic contains an « All in one » part which brings together all the activities practiced. Finally, progress and results are represented by stars and grouped into a profile page.

The application’s pop design and wide variety of interactive activities make it a dynamic and enjoyable practice tool. Its use completely offline allows the student to train everywhere and whenever he wants

↓↓↓ The application is available in French and English on android and IOS. ↓↓↓

Get started now !

Coming soon: addition of sequences shared by the teacher, an application dedicated to secondary education